Our Story

In 2019 Garden Fresh Beef Jerky was created from the foundation of The Tray Fusion Grill located in Garden Grove, CA. One year prior to opening, the owners had built a brand new restaurant containing a large commercial kitchen with all new equipment. They've spent a lot of time working with the city and local health department to finish the project. Upon completion, the restaurants main specialty was BBQ Chicken, Beef, Pork and Shrimp. Many customers loved the BBQ because of the marinade originated from a secret family recipe.

While The Tray Fusion Grill was in operation, the owners worked with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to obtain the meat processing license. The kitchen is always kept very clean and monitored by the local health department and supervised by the state of California department of agriculture. The staff wears gloves and masks at all times when working. Equipment is cleaned and sanitized after every usage. Garden Fresh Beef Jerky guarantees that the product is clean and safe for the customer. They've made many different flavors that focuses on different cultures in the world including kids flavors. Premium beef is used along with many fine details to produce the crafted beef jerky. 

Garden Fresh Beef Jerky will always strive to make innovative new flavors and produce something special for all of their customers. We appreciate all of our customers support for the future growth of Garden Fresh Beef Jerky.